HR Management>HRIS
>Restday/shifting schedule
>Leave of absence schedule
>Deductions schedule
>Employee history
>System password & access
Daily Time Record (DTR)>Logs from T/A devices (biometric,
RFID, swipe, etc.) can be linked.
>Manual entry of time in/out
- Absent, late, under time, n. diff
- Rest day, leave, holiday, overtime
Payroll Processing>Based on DTR or manual entry
>Bi-Monthly and Weekly
- All types of overtime
- SSS, PhilHealth, PagIbig, W/Tax
- Full/split deductions of contributions
- Loans on schedule
>Global or individual computation
Reports>Payroll Summary, Payslip, Denomination
>Bank Report, GCash
>13th Month Pay
>Alphalist (BIR 2316)
>Export to Excel format
>Other Reports
Settings/Utilities>Flexible settings
>Editable table of contributions:
- SSS, PhilHealth, PagIbig, W/Tax
>User's management
>Data management
Employee Access>Viewing of DTR and payslip
>Leave Application
>Loan/CA Application
Access>Simple, user-friendly interface
>Network-ready (client-server)
Minimum System
>Dual core CPU, 2gb RAM, 20gb hardisk space
>Monitor resolution of 1366x768
>Windows 7