Terms & Conditions (ToC)

1. Daily SLP quota is 80 (send screenshot as proof), 1 week probationary period must produce at least 550 SLP.

2. Scholar’s SLP share is 30% to 50% depending on performance. Payout is every 15 days.

  • 30% for 1st month
  • 40% for 2nd month – if you always reached assigned quota
  • 50% for 3rd month onward – for consistent good performance

3. You must have at least some basic knowledge how to play Axie. Search “tutorials” in YouTube.

4. Observe rules strictly set by Axie Infinity to avoid getting banned.

5. The manager have the right to revoke the scholarship if the rules are violated or doesn’t meet quota.

6. The manager have the right to change ToC 1 & 2 depending on scholar’s performance.

APPLICATION FORM (for Philippines residents only)

Update: 13Sep2021 – 50% ng aplikante ay may problema sa English reading comprehension sa napaka simpleng pag fill-out ng form, kaya Tagalog na lang.

Wala kayong babayaran dito, basta mag fill-out lang ng form. Makakatanggap ka ng notification sa FB messenger kung mappipili. Good luck!

(This form’s content is subject to change without prior notice)