We pay commission and incentives for every successful sales referrals.

Just help us promote our products by posting on your Facebook timeline or page.


  • Incentive #1 – When you sign up, we give you P500. It will be added to your commission payout on your first successful sales referral.
  • Incentive #2 – If you invite a friend to sign-up, we give you another P500. It will be added to your commission payout once your friend made the first successful sales referral.
  • Incentive #3 – We give 10% commission (net of taxes) per successful sales referral (rate increases depending on your performance).
  • Incentive #4 – For every P1,000 sales = 1 point. Accumulated points can be redeemed via discount cards, buffet vouchers, gadgets, and others (TBA).
  • Commission is paid 30 days after we close the sale, to your bank account, or to your preferred remittance center (net of fees).


  • Your Facebook account and active email (preferably GMail).


We offer highly in-demand business applications software that can be installed to any device running on any version of Windows OS.

We offer different packages that will fit the client’s budget.

1. POS System (for all retail stores/shops)

  • Pkg Code POS8K : Software only – P8,000
  • Pkg Code POS25K : Software + PC Set + Printer + Scanner + Drawer – P25,000 (all brand new except CPU)
  • Pkg Code POS35K : Software + PC Set + Printer + Scanner + Drawer – P35,000 (all brand new)
  • Pkg Code POS32k : Software + Tablet + Printer + Drawer – P32,000 (all brand new)

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2. Payroll System (for all Industries)

  • Pkg Code PAY25K : Software only – P25,000
  • Pkg Code PAY32K : Software + Scanner – P32,000
  • Pkg Code PAY28K : Software + Link Program (if client have DTR device) – P28,000

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When you start receiving inquiries, send it to us


Q: Is this a legit offer?
A: Yes, there is no risk on your part. We even offer you a sign-up bonus, right?

Q: Is the software price that we will be promoting competitive?
A: Yes, our prices are way below vs competitors quality-wise. Search online and see the difference.

Q: What is your proof of payment?
A: None yet since this is a new offer. Perhaps you will be the first!

Q: Do I need to post all the products?
A: No, just select the one you prefer. But it’s better to post as many products as possible to have a better chance of successful referrals.

Q: How often will I post the products?
A: As often as you like.

Q: If I received inquires but I can’t answer the questions?
A: Forward to us your Affiliate Code, client name & contacts, and we will answer all your client’s queries.

Q: How will I know if my referral is successful?
A: We will send your referral history every month end. Record all your referral contacts too so you can ask them directly if they did purchase or not.

Q: What if a client made an inquiry to me, then this client made another inquiry on another affiliate? To which affiliate will credit the referral?
A: It’s a first-send, first-record basis, so it’s important to send us immediately the correct client info.

Q: Can I try all the software to get familiarized with the system?
A: Yes, visit this link

Q: I want to earn more than your offer!
A: Then be our re-seller. You can earn as much as you want per package. Contact us.

Q: How do we contact you for more questions?
A: Message us on Facebook –


Tell your fried to fill-up the online application form and put your Affiliate Code under “Referred by” field.

Post last update on 1/10/2020